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The Citizenship and Business Department of the Ministry of Interior has responsibility for administering and enforcing the provisions of the immigration Act, 1963 as they relate to the establishment of business in Nigeria and the employment of expatriates. In other Words, ONLY the department is entrusted principally with the following responsibilities; 1. ISSUANCE of Business Permit and Expatriate Quota positions; 2. MONITORING the execution of the quota positions granted in order to ensure effective transfer of technology to Nigerians and eventual indigenisation of the positions occupied by the Expatriates.

BE ADVISED that it is illegal to obtain Business Permit License or Expatriate Quota Positions approval from ANY OTHER Government Agencies or any of its agents, representatives or proxies. Such document obtained is null and void.



Business Permit Licence

This is an operational and permanent permit for the local operation of a business with expatriate investment either as a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company or otherwise a country. This is a certificate granted to wholly foreign or joint venture companies intending to do business in Nigeria.


 Start your Business Permit Application

Amendment of Business Permit

Business Permit Amendment can be made by a company under very concrete reasons, backed with verifiable documents. Sample of such amendment includes change of Business Address or any resolution by the board of the company


 Apply for Business Permit Amendment

New Expatriate Quota Position

This is a facility granted to deserving companies to enable them bring into the country expatriate personnel with skills and competencies in areas where they are either in short supply or not available locally.


 Apply for New Quota Position

Restoration of Lapsed Quota Position

In applying for restoration, there must be reasons and proof for the reactivation and revitalizing the company i.e. previously depressed economy, increased demand for the Company’s product / services and acquisition of new machinery


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PUR Quota Revalidation

PUR Quota that have endured for 10 to 15 years are due for Revalidation. Click the button below to revalidate your PUR Quota.


 PUR Quota Revalidation

Additional Quota Poistion

This is a facility granted to deserving companies to enable them bring into the country expatriate personnel with skills and competencies in areas where they are either in short supply or not available locally.


 Additional Quota Position

Redesignation of Quota

In case where a Company has difficulty in filling or owing to exigency of Operations, it is at liberty to apply for the re-designation of the affected position and this will be considered, purely on its own merit.

Upgrade of Quota PUR

PUR - Permanent Until Review


 Apply for PUR - Permanent Until Review

Appeal Processing Fee

Quota Position Renewal

At the expiration of granted Expatriate Quota Position(s) , the company is required renew for the expatriate not to enter illegal status.


 Apply for Quota Renewal

Quota Detagging

A lapsed quota with a life span of 10 years can be Detagged.


 Quota Detagging

Monthly Quota Returns

Details of Utilization of Quota Facilities, Expatriate and Understudy details.


 File Monthly Quota Returns

Stay of Action

Business Permit License Look-Up

This portal allows users or any member of the public to search for businesses, with a current Ministry of Interior Business Permit License.  Users can search by Company RC Number, Business name, or Application Number.

 Company Search

Business Permit Application Status

Check your permit status with the following link below.


 Business Permit Application Status

Quota Withdrawal

A company can withdraw any quota position when it deems fit. Click the button below to withdraw any desire quota positions.


 Quota Withdrawal

List of Fees Payable

The listed below are fees payable for services rendered, be advised however that the fee are subject to review by the department.


 List of Fees Payable

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